Uncooked food
Approximate caloric value of nuts, salads, and fruits

Almonds10 Nos.85
Cashew nuts10 Nos.95
Coconut (fresh)100 g444
Coconut (dry)100 g662
Peanuts50 Nos.90
Fresh fruits
Apple1 medium65
Banana1 medium90
Grapes30 Nos.70
Guava1 medium50
Jackfruit4 pieces90
Mango1 medium180
Sweet lime1 medium40
Orange1 medium40
Papaya1 piece80
Pineapple1 pieces50
Sapota/chickoo1 medium80
Custard apple1 medium130
Watermelon1 slice16
Muskmelon1 slice17
Beetroot1 medium.30
Carrot1 medium70
Cucumber1 medium12
Onion1 medium25
Radish1 medium10
Tomato1 medium10

Source: Dietary Guidelines for Indians by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION
Low-calorie vegetables and fruits (20 kcal)

Name of vegetablesCalories/100 g
Green leafy vegetables
Amaranth (stem)19
Ambat chukka15
Celery stalk18
Ipomoea stem (kolmidanta)19
Spinach stalk20
Roots and tubers
Radish table16
Radish white17
Other vegetables
Ash gourd10
Bottle gourd12
Cluster beans16
Colocasia stem18
Ridge gourd17
Snake gourd18
Vegetable marrow17
Jamb safed19
Musk melon17
Tomato ripe20

Source: Dietary Guidelines for Indians by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION
Cooked food
Approximate caloric value of some cooked preparation

Serial No.PreparationQuantity of one servingCalories (Kcal)
Rice1 cup170
Phulka1 No.80
Paratha1 No.150
Puri1 No.80
Bread2 slices170
Poha1 cup270
Upma1 cup270
Idli2 Nos.150
Dosa1 No.125
Khichidi1 cup200
Wheat porridge1 cup220
Semolina (suji) porridge1 cup220
Cereals with milk1 cup220
Plain dal1/2 cup100
Smbhar1 cup.110
With Gravy1 cup170
Dry1 cup150
Boiled egg1 No.90
Omelet1 No.160
Fried egg1 No.160
Mutton curry3/4 cup260
Chicken curry3/4 cu240
Fish fried2 big pieces190
Fish cutlet2 Nos.190
Prawn curry3/4 cup220
Keema kofta curry3/4 cup/6 small koftas240
Pakora8 Nos.280
Besan ka pura1 No.220
Chat (Dahi-pakori)5 pieces220
Cheese balls2 Nos.250
Dahi vada2 Nos.180
vada2 Nos.140
Masala vada2 Nos.150
Masala Dosa1 No.200
Pea-kachori2 Nos380
Potato bonda/vada2 Nos.200
Sago/sabudana vada2 Nos.210
1 No.200
Sandwiches (2 tablespoons butter)2 Nos.200
Vegetable puff1 No.200
Pizza (cheese and tomato)1 slice200
Coconut/peanut/til2 tablespoons120
Tomato1 tablespoon10
Tamarind with jaggery1 tablespoon60
Besan barfi2 small pieces400
Chikki2 pieces290
Fruit cake1 piece270
Rice puttu1/2 cup280
Sandesh2 Nos.140
Double ka meetha1/2 cup280
Halwa (kesari)1/2 cup320
Jelly/jam1 tablespoon20
Custard (caramel)1/2 cup160
Srikhand1/2 cup380
Milk chocolate25 g140
Ice cream1/2 cup.200
Tea (2 teaspoons sugar + 50 ml milk toned)1 cup75
Coffee 2 teaspoons sugar + 100 ml milk)1 cup110
Cow’s milk (2 teaspoons sugar)1 cup180
Buffalo’s milk (2 teaspoons sugar)1 cup300
Lassi (2 teaspoons sugar)1 cup/glass110
Squash1 cup/glass75
Syrups1 cup/glass200
Carbonated beverages200 ml150
Fresh lime juice1 cup/glass60

Source: Dietary Guidelines for Indians by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION